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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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Sales Return

  • Return and Exchange is allowed within 7 days from date of purchase, as long as the Item has hidden defects or the item is substandard. However, we will decline a Return or Exchange of goods because of a change of mind or mistake due to the fault of the consumer himself. (R.A. 7394, DAO # 2)
  • Cash Refund is allowed only on the same day the item(s) was purchased.
  • From the 2nd to 7th day, Refund(s) will be paid thru check two (2) weeks after the request for refund is accepted. NO CASH REFUND.
  • When Item(s) is Purchased thru:
    • Credit Card a cancellation fee of 18.5%
    • Cash a cancellation fee of 12.5% will be deducted from the original price.
  • When Requesting for Return or Exchange, Items should have complete accessories, CD installers, manuals & box. All should be in pristine condition.
  • A Re-Stocking Fee of 20% will be charged to clients after the (7) day period. Additional 5% per week for the succeeding weeks. (e.g. 20% for 1st week, 25% for 2nd week, 30% for 3rd week..) Computations shall be done using the original purchase price of the item.
  • Items that have burns, physical damage or tampered Warranty Stickers shall not be honored. Inks, papers (original or compatible), and sealed items should not be opened.
  • Management reserves the right to decline Return and Exchange when deemed necessary.

For Lost Receipts:

(Sales / Cash Invoice, Service Receipts, Client Pull Out Forms)

  • Present a duly Notarized Affidavit of Lost, when requesting for Receipt Reprint. It should indicate the Purchasers name, date of purchase, and Item purchased.
  • Purchaser will be required to present at least (2) valid ID.
  • A Service fee will be charged to the Purchaser for the Reprint of a receipt.

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