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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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Sonic Gear Pandora 3R Bluetooth Speakers

Sonic Gear Pandora 3R Bluetooth Speakers
Sonic Gear Pandora 3R Bluetooth Speakers
The Pandora 3R is a portable bluetooth speaker that has a built-in mic for hands-free calls. Bring it along with you for picnics or outdoor parties! Comes in 7 bright colors.
Price:  2,399  

Product Description of Sonic Gear Pandora 3R Bluetooth Speakers with Mic
When it comes to listening to music without the need of headphones, the Sonic Gear Pandora 3R Bluetooth Speaker (w/ Mic) is the ideal choice for you when you want your music to fill the room with robust tunes and sensuous melodies.
Superior Sound Quality
The sound quality on the Pandora 3R is unmatched in its field as the 2.1 SonicGear stereo audio systems is able to deliver fantastic bass drops with crystal clear treble notes. It also comes with a powerful Dual Bass Reflector (DBR) which produces 2.1 audio effect sounds. Your home will be filled with your favourite tunes all day and night long.
DBR Technology
When it comes to producing superior audio quality at 2.2 audio effects, the Pandora 3R comes with the powerful dual-bass-reflector (DBR) technology which will enhance as well as enrich your ears to the point of euphoria.
Bluetooth Connectivity
The Pandora 3R comes equipped with the cutting-edge Bluetooth chipset from CSR which allows for greater Bluetooth connectivity with related mobile and media devices. You can now easily connect to your devices wirelessly around your home without having to place your device next to the speaker.
Built-in Mic
Have an important phone call to answer but your hands are all tied up? The Pandora 3R comes with a built-in microphone with a hands-free as well as conference call feature. This allows you to not only answer calls without having to have your phone next to your ear, but also hold conference calls and be able to hear everyone clearly and concisely.


                Comfy matt Rubber finishing

                True 2.1 signature SonicGear stereo audio

                Powerful Dual Bass Reflector (DBR) produces 2.2 audio effect

                Cutting-edge Bluetooth chipset from CSR

                Built-in mic for hands-free calls

Technical Specifications

                Total system power (RMS) : 16 Watts

                Speaker playback frequency response : 40Hz - 20kHz

                Built-in mid-range speaker driver : 2 X 2"

                Built-in subwoofer driver : 3"

                Built-in bass driver reflector : 2 X (50 X 90mm)

                Signal-to-Noise ratio : ≥ 60dB

                Bluetooth version : CSR BC05 V2.1

                Speaker input voltage : 12V

Universal voltage : 110V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz