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Monday, 15 April 2024

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Orico DCV-4U 20W 4A 4 Port USB Smart Desktop Charger ( Black )

Orico DCV-4U 20W 4A 4 Port USB Smart Desktop Charger ( Black )
Orico DCV-4U 20W 4A 4 Port USB Smart Desktop Charger ( Black )
4 ports USB charger pumps up to 20W, charges any combination of four USB devices simultaneously, due to its synchronous rectification technology, its electric energy conversion rate reaches up to 85%, which causes less unnecessary heat and is more environment-friendly, Integrated with fast charging technology that enables each port to detect and deliver ideal input current each time of up to 2.4A, 4A overall, detachable power cord enables connection to a distant wall outlet; its beautiful texture made of PC & ABS plastic makes it fireproof , ORICO's multi protection safety system and certified by CE, RoHS ensures complete protection from electrical short circuit, over heat, electric surge, over charging, over current and etc
Price:  999  


Intelligent IC and output compensation, Smart charging, amazing experience

Built-in intelligent IC ensures excellent performance and recognizes all kinds of 5V devices to deliver ideal current of up to 2.4A; improve output voltage when current is more than 1A to compensate the loss. Being tested, output efficiency of smart charging port is better than 80% products on the market, safe, smart and energy-efficient.

Synchronous rectification, Conversion rate of energy increases by 85%

Adopting MPS synchronous rectification of America, greatly improves conversion rate and reduces heat of the charger.

Intelligent recognition, fast charge, Meet your charging requirements

Not replace the original, but exceed it. Super Charge technology can detect most of digital devices on the market and deliver ideal current to match appropriate charging speed and avoid the loss of battery life.

4 USB charging ports, Share with partners

Not enough USB ports for multiple devices? Simultaneously out of juice with your partners? Take it easy. ORICO DCV-4U is equipped with 4 USB ports, which pumps out 5V2.4A per port, more convenient.

Beautiful chassis, Perfect match

As minimalist, we insist less is more. Compact yet sleek chassis makes it beautiful; black and white colors show classics, perfectly matching any usage scenarios.

High strength fireproof material, Hard shell, more durable

Its beautiful chassis made of PC & ABS plastic material makes it fireproof of up to 750?; furthermore anti-scratch and anti-corrosion ability makes it more durable.

Separating 2 prong power cord

Separating 2 prong power cord, easy to store and carry, no distance limit of the socket.